Price List

Unfortunately, we are not registered as part of the HSE Medical Card Scheme at this time.

We aim to keep our pricing as simple and intuitive as possible. You will always be told in advance of any treatment how much the treatment will cost. We also issue a treatment plan with detailed break-downs of treatment required and costs associated with same for those requiring multiple visits.

Hygiene & Dental Care

Scale & Polish with Exam                     75

Scale & Polish                                       60

Adult Exam                                            40

Exam with X-rays                                  50

Child (under 16) Exam                          40


Whitening                                            300

Sports Guard                                        80

Grinding Guard (soft)                          125

Grinding Guard (hard)                         255


Composite Filling (white)                  90

Temporary Filling                              50

Re-cement Crown                             60

Re-cement Bridge                             95

Extraction                                           90

Surgical Extraction                           120

Root Canal                                      300-370

Veneer                                             700

Crowns                                            700

Bridge                                              700 per unit

Perio Per Quadrant                             90

Internal Bleaching                               225

Fissure Sealant                                    30

Dentures                           From €450


Prescription                                        40 (free with exam)

X-ray                                                   10

No-show fee 40 (further appointments will not be offered following two failures to attend an appointment)

Aesthetic Prices


Please see our Aesthetic website Elanamie Clinic at